What is MiaSwap?

MiaSwap is the leading Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange (DEX) on ONUS Chain with strong liquidity and a wide range of permissionless liquidity products and solutions.

MiaSwap provides liquidity with instant access to any token pairs and aims to become the Best DEX on ONUS Chain based on multiple factors such as trading volume and DeFi market share. But not just that, MiaSwap also has a variety of Farming and Staking pools with the best APY you can find.


Swapping Tokens

Simply connect your wallet and start trading anytime, anyplace with no lengthy processes or waiting periods.

Adding Liquidity

MiaSwap allows anyone to provide liquidity by contributing their assets to a liquidity pool in exchange for attractive rewards.


Yield Farms allow users to generate passive income over an extended period. Yield farming is a way to put your LP tokens to work.

Mining Pools

MiaSwap's mining pools are designed to maximize stakeholder earnings with minimal fees to the protocol.

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