MIA Supply Management

There's currently no hard cap on the supply of MIA tokens, making it an inflationary token. So we aim to make deflation higher than emission by building deflationary mechanisms into MiaSwap's products. Our goal is to have the daily burn rate slightly higher than the daily emission rate.

This means the token is targeted to be slightly deflationary. This allows the price to rise, which in turn increases the incentive to farm and provide liquidity for more pairs and draw in even more users who want to stake and swap different pools.

Liquidity Pool Rewards

Users earn MIA tokens when they deposit LP into our farms.

In addition to these rewards, LPs are also able to claim MIA that is purchased using the 0.05% fees from the transaction fees.

Users must be providing the LP for the full rebase in order to get the fee. This is to prevent users from adding lots of LPs at the last minute, getting the fees, and withdrawing immediately.

The amount of MIA a user can claim is based on their share of the LP.

Staking Rewards

Users earn MIA tokens when they stake in our pool.

Each pool will have a base weightage and a weightage boost. To adjust rewards for each pool, we then adjust the weightage boost.

Free Mint Claim (coming soon)

Any users can have the ability to mint MIA for free by making a transaction to indicate when they want to withdraw their free MIA.

Users can choose 1 pool per wallet to claim. It costs gas to make a claim. Each pool has a different claim time. Users can only claim the MIA after the lock-up period is over.

Burning MIA

AMM Transactions

0.12% of AMM fees will be used to buy and burn MIA.

The flow of fees:

  • After each rebases

  • From the fees in that rebase

  • We will deposit the LP tokens and get back both tokens then swap to MIA

  • Send it to a burn address (This will remove the MIA from the circulating supply)

Withdrawal Fees From USDO

More details at USDO Documentation


  • Lottery USDO (coming soon)

  • Price Prediction (coming soon)

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