Mining Pools

What are Mining Pools

Mining Pools enable users to stake ONUS and MIA utility tokens that they have purchased, converted, or earned through yield farming or lending in order to earn more of them or tokens from partner projects.

Each mining Pool has both an input and a reward token. The input token for each Mining Pool in MiaSwap is either ONUS or MIA. MIA or a token from a MiaSwap partner project are the reward tokens.

How Mining Works

Staking tokens to mine rewards is one of the numerous ways MiaSwap generates passive income for users. When a user "stakes" a token, the token is transferred from the user's wallet to the protocol's smart contract. The protocol provides rewards in the form of additional tokens, either of the same types as the staked token or of a different token, in exchange for this temporary commitment of capital.

MiaSwap's staking options are designed to maximize stakeholder earnings while minimizing protocol fees. MiaSwap takes this approach to ensure that our users' resources are always prioritized.

Single-asset Mining Pools are the simplest method of earning returns. Users only need one type of token to utilize a Mining Pool, which offers returns in another token of choice.

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