Yield Farms

Users can stake liquidity provider (LP) tokens in MiaSwap Yield Farms to increase earning power through native MIA token rewards.

How Yield Farms Work

MiaSwap Yield Farms are primarily intended to incentivize users to provide liquidity for their preferred DeFi projects. MIA utility tokens will be awarded to users who create and stake their liquidity provider tokens in a Yield Farm.

Liquidity is critical to a healthy ecosystem as a DeFi platform. With more liquidity available to MiaSwap, more users will be able to trade their favorite tokens at low fees. As a result, encouraging liquidity for popular trading pairs on MiaSwap is in everyone's best interests, because popular trading pairs require more liquidity and generate more trading fee revenue.

Earning Rewards

Farm returns, like Mining Pools, are expressed in APR, which is displayed in each farm. This is the expected number of MIA tokens that will be earned while your liquidity provider tokens are staked, expressed as a percentage of the staked input tokens and calculated at current rates.

APRs and APYs, like Staking Pools, are displayed to help users understand their potential return on staking and are not guaranteed. The actual rate of return is affected by a variety of factors, and your rewards may fluctuate over time.

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